Ying Kee Poultry Ltd was established in 1959 , Our family of three generations has been devoted exclusively in poultry business for over 50 years. Our products including chilled chicken, goose, duck and pigeon etc. Selling best poultry is our long term promise to customer. This policy had made us to gain the good reputation in poultry field . Many famous leading hotels, clubs, supermarkets and 1st class restaurants had appointed us as exclusive poultry supplier such as Mandarin Hotel, Regal hotel,. Grand Hyatt , HK Jockey club, Ocean Park, Disneyland, Wellcome Supermarket etc

Our CEO, Mr.H.W.Poon was nominated as Chairman of HK Poultry Merchant Association and Consultant of HK F&V Hygiene Dept.He is also the first HongKong chilled poultry importer.

Dear esteemed customer:

Before you purchase chilled poultry, you may compare our products with other competitors for the following points :


We choose less oily fat, thinner skin poultry breed in our subsidiary breeders in China. They are breed by using natural corn, soybean meal, vitamins & Minerals.Breeding period over 100 days in free range farming ( cage-free and open air )so that a healthier and happier chicken can be produced having a good taste. The more breeding period, the less oily fat generated muscular meat is considered as the real taste of chicken.

On the contrary, most breeders are using battery cages for intensive chicken farming.For commercial reason, most chicken are raised with the help of Hormone. Breeding period is less than 80 days, so that chicken can grow up heavier and faster. Such intensive farming is unsanitary, allowing the proliferation of diseases such as Salmonella and E coli. Chicken lives in such unsanitary, tightly jail environment, How can it produce healthy & tasteful meat


Our slaughter factory is located in Fatshan county of Mainland China which is attested to be a non-public hazard poultry producing base by China government, all our poultry have valid health certificate,

Our poultry after slaughtering will be proceeded to a Air Cool Quick Freezing System where it will be cooled rapidly to 0 to V5C so as to retain natural flavor and nutritional value. It also helps inhibit the spread of bacteria by keeping all the chickens independent.

The air chilled method produces a better tasting chicken, With no water added,it keeps the Real chicken flavor and juices. No water is absorbed, so you get the natural flavor of chicken.

Due to high cost of Air chilled system, most of companies prefer using slow freezing which creates large, disruptive ice crystals. During thawing, they damage the cells and dissolve emulsions. This causes meat to drip and lose juiciness.


As we owned our breeders, slaughter and transportation team, we can monitor the whole production procedure, Usually all poultry can be arrived Hongkong at night after slaughtering in daytime and can be distributed to customer in the early morning. In this way, we can guarantee that it is as fresh as instant slaughter fresh poultry. This is why so many leading hotels,clubs,restaurants appointed us as exclusive supplier because we can fulfill their extreme high standard of sanitary requirement

Dear customer

Based on above reasons, I trust that you can find out which chilled poultry supplier you will select.

Quotation and enquiries are extremely welcomed, we will do everything possible

to meet your Requirement.Please dont hesitate to contact us.

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